Make your products stand out with beautiful labels and badges

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Take a look at some of the ways you can use Labelfy. Highlight special products, promote sales, create urgency and much more. The possibilities are truly endless.

Advertise sales

Promote new products

Create urgency

Promote staff picks

Promote best sellers

Promote flash sales

Out of stock alerts

Advertise free shipping



Dynamic Variables

Display unique product specific information with Labelfy's dynamic label variables feature.

Dynamic variables can be used to display the percentage a product is on sale for, the number of units a product has left in stock, the number of days a product has been on your store and much more.

Mobile Friendly

Labelfy has been meticulously tested on a comprehensive variety of browsers and mobile devices, tablets and desktops. So you can rest assured that your Labelfy product labels will work for every customer.


Flexible Conditions and Rules

Labelfy provides multiple condition options and product rules to create a wide variety of different product labels.

Works Automatically For Most Themes

Labelfy works automatically on most themes without requiring any manual theme modifications. So you can simply install and starting adding beautiful labels to your website.

Supports All Themes

Have a custom or heavily modified theme? Not to worry. Labelfy can be configured to work on any theme. Our support staff can help make the necessary modifications for you. Or if you'd prefer to make the changes yourself Labelfy has easy to follow instructions.


Minimal Footprint

Labelfy adds just one standalone file to your theme and doesn't make any modifications to your existing theme files. So you don't need to worry about another app making messy changes to your existing theme code.

Plays Nice with Existing Labels

Already have existing product labels through your theme? No problem. Labelfy won't interfere with your existing labels. Plus with Labelfy you can choose between 10 different placement options for your labels to ensure they don't overlap.


We're confident you won't find a better product label app for a more affordable price.

Pro 5

$9 / mo
  • Up to 5 Labels
  • All Conditions and Rules
  • Dynamic Variables

Pro 15

$17 / mo
  • Up to 15 Labels
  • All Conditions and Rules
  • Dynamic Variables

Pro 50

$29 / mo
  • Up to 50 Labels
  • All Conditions and Rules
  • Dynamic Variables


You're charged each month that you have the app installed in your Shopify account. You can automatically cancel anytime by uninstalling the app from your Shopify account.

What Our Customers Say

"Great app! So easy to setup and looks great on my website. I especially love the ability to add in my own text for the labels."

Moon Apparel

"The labels look really nice on my website... clean and elegant. The app is easy to use with lots of great options for different types of labels."

Dress Success


Labelfy is currently available for all Shopify websites.